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Neighbour with benefits and No Strings attached

This is Arun from Bangalore. I stay in one of the most popular area in Bangalore called Marathalli. I am a bachelor and stay alone as i am from Kerala. As far as my appearence is concerned, i am wheatish,

well built as i am a gym freak. I stay in a 2 storey building and in second floor. My neighbour is a Family from Andhra. They have a small baby girl. My neighbour aunty calls me Anna(brother) as i am elder

than her. She is very sexy. Being her neighbour i always see her in nighty most of time. All the time, she will be playing with her kid outside the house veranda. This happened to me few days back few days

back. When i came from gym early morning and was roaming just in underwear inside my home as am alone. I forgot to lock the door and the girl while playing with her baby saw me in underwear. I caught her

seeing me.

Next day, i asked apology for not locking the door. She said its ok and said i have a good body. I said thanks and we became little close and started talking. One day, she asked for my number as the house

owner wanted to talk to me for some reason. I gave her my number. In the night i received a message from an unknown number. I reponded and it was her. She said its Asha. We started talking and in 2-3 days,

we were very close enough to talk about the shape and size of our body. I told her that i always liked her body. Its of perfect shape and size. I told i wish you were my wife so that i can enjoy day & night

with you. the response i got astonished me. She said, to enjoy me day & night, i need not be your wife. You can do it now also.

Her husband usually goes to office in morning. But i go to office around 2 PM as i work in UK timing. As soon as i saw her husband leaving, i went inside her house and hugged her from behind in kitchen. She

just took bath and was in kitchen as her daughter was still sleeping. Her aroma made me mad. She was in nighty. She didnt wear anything as she just came out of bathroom after bath. I hugged her from back

and pressed her boobs. squeezed her boobs like mad. And kissed her neck fully. She was going mad. Later i kissed her lips and licking her mouth fully and tasting her Saliva.

I removed the zip of the nighty and took her boobs out and started sucking her boobs. I started licking her nipples and biting it. She was enjoying the whole thing by closing her eyes and moaning. I lifted

her and made her sit on the kitchen slab and lifted her nighty and kept my face on her vagina..I started licking her pussy so much.. It was clean shaved and full of good smell as she just came from bath. I

literally went mad and put my tongue inside and started fucking her pussy using my tongue.

I inserted my finger in her pussy and fingered it until she was becoming wet and started squirting.. My hands and fingers became wet. She couldnt control. She got down and removed my track pant and took my

penis inside her mouth. and started giving blow job. This was the first time i ever had a blow job.. So i was in heaven. she was sucking my penis and was holding my balls also.

She then told me to fuck her. I turned her and made her hold the slab and bend a little. She has the perfect ass i have ever seen. I bent and licked her ass crack and ass hole from behind. Now i lifted her

right leg and kept it on the lower slab below the higer slab where the stove is placed. Then i inserted my penis inside her vagina from behind. Wow, it was so good fucking her in that position. I banged her

ass and her pussy with full force. I was pressing her ass with my hands. Then i will bend and hold her boobs while fucking from behind. He back started paning because of my force. Later she achieved the

orgasm and i was also about to cum. I cummed inside her pussy. Later i bought and gave i-pill to her. It was my first and best fuck of my life. Now we enjoy phone sex and sex in different styles. We have

sex in my home and in bathroom sometimes. One day, i made her lie on my gym bench and fucked her. which was very erotic feeling. Will tell those experiences in my next stories to come. If anyone wants to

share their experience or wants to talk to me can email me at


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