Naukrani pooja ko choda

hi. i am raj from jodhpur. mere ghar mein ek naukrani pooja kam
karne aati hai. uski age 18 saal hai woh normal ladki hai par uske boobs
ache hai aur lips sexy hai. woh subah 9 baje aati hai main hamesha use
chodne ka plan banata kabhi wo pocha lagati uske boobs dekhta. uske naam ki
muth marta tha. woh mere room main aati to main chala ke nanga sota aur
bedsheet hata deta. kabhi room mein hoti to bathroom ka door khol kar toilet
karta use apna lund dikhata. ek din sab ghar par the maine uska hath pakad
liya woh gusse se boli pagal ho kya main darrr gaya par gussa aaya aur socha
baad mein dekhunga. ek baar sari family out of station gayi. ab main puja ka
wait karne laga wo aayi maine use sorry bola wo boli koi baat nahi aage mat
karna par mujhe use chodna tha. maine usse baat shuru ki par wo jyada ghaas
nahi daal rahi thi. maine plan banaya do din baad wo aayi garmi bahut thi
maine pepsi nikali usme neend ki goli dal di usne bahut mana kiya phir man
gayi. pepsi peene ke baad wo behosh ho gayi main use apne room mein le gaya
uske sare kapde khol diye ab ek mast jawani mere bed par thi. maine daru ka
peg banaya aur cigrate lagayi. phir main puja ke upar toot pada wo neend
mein aahe bhar rahi thi uske boobs ko khub jor se katta aur lal kar diya
puri body pe kiss kiya. pehli baar ek aurat mili thi main bhuke sher ki
tarah use masal raha tha. ab uski chut ko katne laga uska sara raas pi gaya
wo neend mein moan kar rahi thi. ab maine der nahi ki aur apna lund dalne
laga wo kunwari seal chut thi bahut tight mera fisal raha tha. phir maine
jor se jhatka mara aadha lund aandar gayi wo neend mein chamki par maine
uske lips par kiss kiya. ab ek aur dhaka aur uski chut phat gayi poore bed
par blood tha. ab maine bina ruke dhake mare wo 2 vaar jhad gayi main bhi 15
min baad sab virya uski chut aur boobs par dal diya ab maine apna lund uske
muh mein dal diya aur phir chodne laga. ek baar phir use choda ab main aur
puja sath mein chipke hue the aur mera lund uski chut mein hi tha aur hum so
gaye. karib do ghante baad puja uthi usne khud ko sambhala mera lund chut se
nikala aur rone lagi. main utha aur bola sorry par tumhe pana tha. ab main
bola jo hua bhul jao wo gussa karne lagi. maine use pakda aur phir usr choda
ab wo hosh main thi wo chilane lagi to maine kiss se muh band kar diya 20
min. baad lund uske muh mein dal diya jabardasti chusaya lund ko sara virya
uske muh aur boobs par dal diya. almari khol ke 10,000 rs. diye wo ro rahi
thi par kuch soch ke rs leke chali gayi. par maine apni puja ko paa liya
tha. wo kuch din baad family ke aane ke baad aayi ab sab normal. mujhe jab
chance milta hai mein aur puja sex karte hai.

maza chudwane ka

Hi friends i wanna share with you my sexy story i really love
to tell you guys ... Actually i'm married 23 year old girl ..

Mein batati hoon kaisay sex kiya mainau shaadi ki pele raat tu sharam se
kuch nahi kiya but ab sab kuch karti hoon lol..!

Mera hubby mari chot mari ghand chudta hai .. Aur mojhe chudwane main behad
maza ata hai jab woh mari chot ko chaat kar mari chot main apni ongiliyan
dal kar tezz tezz hila kar meri chot ka pani nikal kar mari ghand main
ongilyun dal kar hilata hai aur mari chot ka dane ko khub chaat kar chosta
hai teez tezz uff saath lund choste choste pagal hojato hoon main lund ka
sara pani maray mou main nikal raha hota hai aur mari nipple satk hojatay wo
maray nipples ko dabatay hain ..

Phir wo mojhe chodtay bad per lita kar chot main lund dal kar texz tezz
jhatke de kar bohat chodtay hain k mera pani nikal jata hai aur phir bhi wo
mojhay chodtay rehtay hain pora lund mari chot k andar hota hai aur yeh mari
chot ko apni ath ki ongliyun se khul kar pora lund dal kar behad tezz jhatka
mar k mera pani nikaltay hain .... Phir mainapni chot main lund lau kar in k
opar beth jati hoon aut tezz tezz jhatke leti hoon phir ghand mein le kar
tezz teez apni ghand marwati hoon ....jabb maera sara pani nikal jata hai tu
main kutiya ban k apni chit aur ghand marwati hoon .. Aur mojhey sex bohat
pasand hai....

My horny aunt.

I had been spending a week at my aunt and uncle's domicile the
summer in the in the in the back I started scholarly. They had a really to
pool and had always invited me to stay for a tiny even though
the previous few years, consequently I finally in style their invitation.
My uncle Frank worked during the daylight but my Aunt Theresa was
always quarters as a result that's who I would spend the days taking into
consideration. They
were both quite a bit older than me, Frank was 52 and Theresa
was 36 but for some defense I found my aunt intensely handsome.
She had a beautiful turn following blue eyes and shoulder length
filthy blonde hair. She had sized 40DD tits and a big, fat
ass. The first couple of days Aunt Theresa and I hung out
by the pool the entire single one one of hours of daylight long. Seeing her
in her one fragment, navy
blue bathing battle would acquire my cock hence hard. Her nipples
always seemed to be hard and were visible through her bathing
battle and she always had a few lighthearted beige pubic hairs peeking
out the sides of her bathing stroke. By the third daylight of this
I couldn't state you will anymore. I was for all time horny and thinking
roughly my aunt. I approved I'd create a confrontation in this area her.
After every
I figured that the worst business that could happen is that she
would renounce me. I was certain that she wouldn't publicize my uncle
though. When we went out to the pool that morning she went
to put sun tan lotion regarding moreover she usually did, consequently I
to do something it for her. She very and later thanked me. I did her
urge on and arms and shoulders. Then I started rubbing the lotion
into her legs, on the go my mannerism taking place from her ankles. I got
going on
to her thick, luscious thighs and as I rubbeed the inside of
her thigh I made distinct to daub the side of my hand against her
crotch, pretending that I didn't aspire to. She must have noticed
but she didn't accomplishment it for that defense I slid two fingers inside
bathing achievement and and easily slipped them inside her wet pussy.
A massive smile restructure greater than her direction as I fucked her pussy
my fingers. She started to moan softly as I pulled her bathing
encounter to the side as a result I could see her hairy pink pussy.
"Oh honey, we in fact shouldn't be do its stuff this." she moaned.
"Do you sore me to halt?" I asked, kowing she would run by no.
"Hell no!" she said, "What I deficiency you to complete is eat my pussy
baby!" she said playfully. Then she suggested that we shape
inside thus that no one maxim us. I followed her to her room
where we each stripped our suits off. She layed upon her bed
following her legs further gloss, "C'mon honey, eat your aunt's pussy."
she said. I obeyed her wishes, sucking and lapping at her
big, hairy pussy. Her pussy smelled quite fishy, although I
in fact did enjoy it. She speedily started having her first
orgasm. I joyfully lapped her cute pussy nectar ass it leaked
out of her cunt. After that she turned on summit of onto her stomach,
thrust her big, soft, milky white ass into the melody and begged
me to lick her asshole. This made me quite glad. First I gave
her fat ass a hard slap and watched as it jiggled in report to. I
subsequently pushed my viewpoint in the midst of her omnipotent ass cheeks
and started
licking her puckered pinck anus. It tasted amazing as I
fucked her ass behind my tongue. She was moaning loudly and
finaly pleaded early me to fuck her. She lay upon her along plus previously
her thick, sexy legs improve and helped guide my cock into her
pussy. Her cunt was loud, drifting, and substandard but it felt awesome!
I slid into her quite easily and began fucking her hard.
"Oh yes baby! Fuck my pussy honey! Fuck it hard! OOOHHHH
YEAHHHH! Fuck me follower! Fuck aunties pussy baby! OOOOOHHHHH
it feels soooo likable! Oh god, your aunt's cumming follower!" she
screamed. I speedily blew my load inside her pussy and she
rapidly began sucking me hard past more. We fucked for a even if
when again in several interchange positions and subsequently came the best
She told me to fuck her in her ass. I put my tilt in her vast,
smelly crack following following choice period and licked her bung again to
lubricate it.
Then I slowly penetrated her anus when my hard penis. Her
ass was much tighter than that big pussy and it felt unbelievable.
Soon I began pumping it distant and unexpected. "Ooooooohh. OH YES!
Mmmmmmmmmmm, fuck auntie's ass just later that. Fuck my horny
ass fanatic! Ooooooh yeah, my ass is consequently horny honey! FUCK MY ASS
shrieked as she started cumming at the related period as I shot my
load into her tight asshole. As I pulled out of her ass she
said to me, "Lick your cum out of my ass honey, subsequently permit me
taste it." I obeyed her, licking my cum that was dripping out
of her ass suspension and later kissed her, swirling my tongue harshly
in her mouth. "Mmmmmm, tastes satisfying! Your aunt's such a filthy
slut, huh?" she asked laughing.
"She enormously is." I said laughing. And that's how I treated her
for the past-door several years.


maine asa isliye kaha, kyoki kuch log is bare mai sab kuch
jante hue bhi apne sathe ko aanand nahi de pate mai ye keval ladko ke liye
he nahi kh raha hu ladkiyo ko bhi is bare mai kam pata hona ya na pata hona
sex aanand mai kame ka sabse bada karan hai or ager sex mai maza nahi to vo
sex saza ke barabar he hai...
samajh nahi aata ladke or ladkiya iske sahi jankare kyo nahi lena chahte,
hum sabhi jante hai aage chalkar hum sabhi ko sex karna hai to sahi jankare
se he kyo na kara jay bhout se ladkiya sochti hai ki vo sunder hai to usse
jo bhi sex karega vo jarur suntust rahega lakin unka sochna bilkul galat hai
sunderta sex ko uttejit karte hai na ki santust....
jab ladkiya apne sathi ko sahe aanand nahi de pati to unka sathi kise or ki
taraf aakarshit hone lagta hai or vo aisa kyo na kare jab uske bhuk shant
nahi hoge tab tak vo khane ke talash to karega he or ye bat ladke or ladkiyo
dono par lagu hoti hai mai aap ko ladke or ladkiyo dono ke bare mai batauga
ke ladke or ladkiya kis tarah ka sex chahti hai phale hum bat karege ladkiyo
sex karte wakt ladka, ladke se phale veer ka tiyag na kare isse ladke ki
nazro mai aap ladka namard samjha jata hai lakin vo aisa kabhi nahi kahege,
bus apne man tak he ye bat semit rakhege or man he man sochte rahege ke kash
asa koi mard mil jay jo ke usko sex ka bharpur aanand de sake ladke apna sex
time bada sakte hai bus kuch bato ka khayal rakh kar ek ladke mai itne
shaktee hoti hai k vo ek sath bhout se ladkiyo ko santust kar sakta hai bus
kuch bato ka khayal rakhna hai or vo bate kya hai mai aap ko batauga...
ladkiya apne sathi ka pura josh pure tagat ka bharpur aanand lena chahti hai
lakin vo kabhi asa khati nahi ladkiyo ko chahiye unke ander jane wala lund
puree tarah se kadak or sakht ho josh jitna jada hoga ladkiyo ko utna he
jada sukh milega or vo aap ke dewane ho jayge mai aap ko purane time ki bat
batana chahuga jo aap sabne sune to jarur hoge par kabhi gor nahi kiya hoga
! purane time mai aaorat ko joru kaha jata tha kabhi aap ne iske sahi matlab
par gor kiya hai ? joru ka matlab hai aaorat ya ladke ya jiske sath aap sex
karte hai..
chahe aap ke pas kitne bhi dolat ho ya paisa ho ya kahi ager rok bhi jayge
to sex ke liye kahe or jayge ek ladke ko jinda rahne ke liye jitna khana
jarure hota hai sex usse kahe jada jarure hota hai !
ladki se sex karte wakt aap ka sara thiyan keval uske chut par nahi hona
chahiye or chut bhi aap ko hi milege vo kahi bhage to nahi ja rahe rahe hai
phir aap uske chut ko kholne mai itne jaldbaze kyo karte hai mai aap ko ise
ek udahrad ke tor par samjhata hu...
man lo aap khana bana rahe ho or aap ka khana abhi bana nahi hai lakin phir
bhi aapne usko gas par se neche utar liya, to kya hoga hum sabhi jante hai
ke khana kacha rah jayga ab us kache khane ko aap khaoge to kesa lagega ?
aap ko maza nahi aayga, bilkul yahe hal hota ladkiyo ka hota hai vo pure
tarah garam nahi ho hue, or aap sex karna chalu kar dete ho or ladke pure
tarah garm nahi hue or aap ne sex karna start karoge tab uska garam hona
start hoga ab ye socho jab vo garm der se hue hai to thande bhi der se hoge
or aap usse phale thande ho jaoge ab is tarah aap ke sex karne ka kya matlab
jab ladki ki ikcha pure he nahi hue ladki aap se santust he nahi hai vo aap
ko namard man rahi rahi tab aap ke sath sex kyo karna chahege jab aap mai
usko samtust karne ki tagat he nahi hai ye tay aap ko karna...
aap ladki ki tage cheer kar uske chut to le lete ho lakin uska pura maza
nahi lepate or na he vo ladki, jo ki sabse bade galti hai or ye galti had se
jada log karte hai jisse sex ke time mai kame aati hai ladko ko sex karte
time ladki ke har part ko barabar ahmiyat dene chahiye or ladki ko us time
asa lagna chahiye jese ki vo is duniya ki sabse khubsurat ladki hai jisse
uske sharam kam hoge or vo sex mai aap ka pura pura sath dege sex karte wakt
bhout se ladkiya keval lete lete apne tage cheer kar he sara maza lena
chahti hai to ismai galti un ladkiyo ki nahi balki us ladke ki hai jo unke
sath sex kar raha hai...
HAI :-
sex karte wakt har ladka chahta hai ki jese hi uska lund cheerta hua ladki
ki chut mai jay to vo usko dard ho ya dard ka ahsas ho jisse usko khushi
hoti hai ya yu kahu ke mard hone ka ahsas hota hai or yahe nahi ladki ko
dard ka ahsas ho iske liye vo bhout jaldi jaldi apne lund ko chut kke ander
bahar karte hai jisse ladki ko dard ka ahsas hota hai vo isliye nahi ki aap
ka lund bhout mota hai ya bada hai balki is liye kyo ki aap ka lund unke
bachedani se takrata hai ab ye socho ki sex karte time aap ko dard hoga to
kya aap uska maza le paoge ?
jaldi ander bahar karne se aap ka veer jaldi gir jayga aap apne lund ke
ander bahar karne ki speed ladki ke chut ghadne ke hisab se hi rakhe jab
ladki ghadne lagege to aap ko khud pata chal jayga bus aap ko jarurat hai
apne lund ko aram se ander bahar karne ki, ladki jab josh se pagal hone lage
to samjh lena ke vo ab chadne wali hai tab theere there apne lund ki speed
badana chahiye jisse aap ka josh ladki ke thande hone ke bad he shant hoga
tab aap uskee nazro mai ek tagat war mard ban jayge or aap ki izzat uske
nazro mai bad jayge or ladko ko bata du jab veer ladki ki chut mai girta hai
to ladki ko chote chote se gubbare unke chut mai fatte hue maihsus hote hai
ager koi ladki isko pad rahi hai to usko pata hoga or ladko ko is bare mai
pata nahi hota to mujhe laga unko is bare mai pata hona chahiye...
jesa ki maine phale he kaha tha ki keval khubsurat hona hi kafe nahi hai
khubsurat hona aaisa hai ki usse ladke aap ki taraf aakarshit hote hai jesa
ki bhuka ache khane ko dekhkar hota hai lakin jab khana khaye to usmai utna
suaad bhi hona chahiye jitna vo dikh raha hai bhout se logo ke relation
phale sex ke bad hi khatam ho jate hai kyo ? kise na kise mai to kame hoge
he na jisse asa hua ...
jo har ladki karti hai sex ka maza lena chahti hai lakin bina kuch kiye vo
koi reaction nahi karti ladke unke kapde utare ladke he unkee tage cheere
kar lund dale bas jab lund dal jata hai to maza bharpur leti hai jo ki galt
maine jesa kaha ke har ladka chahta hai ke uska lund jese hi jay to ladki ko
dard ka aahsas ho to aap logo ko ye karna chahiye ke unka lund jese hi aap
ki chut ke ander jay to aap ko thoda reaction dena chahiye or unka lund jese
hi under bahar hone par bhi apna reaction de aap ka reaction jitna jada hoga
ladke ko aap se sex karne mai utna hi acha lagega aap unko ye aahsas karay
ki unka lund under lena aap ke liye asan kam nahi hai or aap ko bhout
problem ho rahi hai tab ladke ko aap ke sath sex karne mai hamesha hi acha
lagega or vo aap ko kabhi khona nahi chahega har bar sex ka sukhad anubhav
aap ke sath hi lena chahega jab vo aap se puri tarah santust rahega to kisi
dusre sath ki tarf aakarshit hone ka sawal hi nahi uthta...
ager ladka, ladki ki chut par chumta hai ya usko apni jeeb se chatta hai to
badle mai ye bhi chahta hai ki aap bhi chahta hai ki aap bhi uska lund apne
muh mai chuso bhout se ladkiya asa karne mai sharmati hai ya unko ye sab
pasand nahi hai ye khahkar unke lund ko muh mai nahi lete ye bat ladko ko
bhout buri lagti hai or phir jab vo kabhi apne dosto se unke sathi ka muh
mai lene ki bat sunte hai to phir vo bhi vesa hi karna chahte hai or aise
sex sathi ki talash karte hai jo unko vo sex de sake jo vo chahte hai or sex
to aise cheej hai jismai insaan sab kuch aajmana chahta hai uske chaht kabhi
kam nahi hoti...
sex karte wakt aap ka sathi aap ko har bat bol kar nahi bata sakta aap ko
apne sathi ki har bat bina bole hi samajhni hoti hai kyoki vo time hota hi
asa hai jismai bol kar har bat nahi samjhai ja sakti ab ladkiyo ko chahiye
ki vo jisse sex kar rahi hai uske lund ke sath sath ladke ke kam uske
hot,gala chahra or sari peet par bhi kiss kare asa ladki or ladke dona kare
isse aap ko bharpur josh milega or ladkiya jab ladke ke yaha waha kis karti
hai to ladke ko ek current ka ahsas hota hai jisse uska josh 10 guna bad
jata hai ...
jin ladko ki sex timing bhout kam hai vo mujh se salah lekar apni timing or
josh dono bada sakte hai or ager kisi ladki ko isbare mai koi bhi jankari ya
pareshani ho to vo bhi mujhe apni koi bhi problem puch sakti hai ab bat
karte hai un ladkiyo ki jo sex ka asa anubhav chahti hai jo unko kabhi nahi
mila sex asa jo unke shareer or aatma kabhi bhola nahi payga maine asa
isliye kaha kyoki mai apni tagat or sex power janta hu ab aap soch rahi hoge
sex mai kya khas hoga vo to aap log hamesha hi karti ho to aap ko bata sex
mai bhout se cheeje aasi hoti hai jo har ladka aap ko nahi de sakta or mere
sath kiya gaya sex aapp kabhi bhul nahi paoge ye mera aap se wada hai...
maine ye hindi mai isliye likha jisse jada se jada logo tak mairi bat pohoc
sake maine kam se kam shabdo mai jada se jada jankari dene ki kosis ki hai
phir bhi sare bate likh kar batana mere liye kya kise ke liye bhi sambhav
nahi hai isliye aap ko jab bhi kuch bhi puchna ho ya janna ho to aap mujhe
mail kar sakte hai mail mai apni problem or nam jarur likhe ho sake to apna
number bhi likhe mai phone par ya mail karke aap ko aap ko apna jawab de
duga mai apna sahi nam nahi batana chahta phir bhi aap mujhe "sexguru" ke
nam se bula sakte hai...
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