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affair with frnds dad-1

Hi all I am maya aged 21. I am huge fan of sex stories. Let me in tell about me. I am a cute girl and my parents are doctors. I use to play basketball in my school days and maintained my figure very well. I look cute and sometimes enjoy when boys pass lewd comments on me. My sexual felling started at the age of 17 and used to watch myself in mirror full naked and touch my private parts and enjoy. One day I was just watching through my binocular outside my room and saw a guy pissing road side and first time I saw his cock and got excited, then it became routine for me to watch outside and enjoy. Later I got net connection to my system and at night as my room is separate one day I just opened Google and typed naked men I saw hot men naked and enjoyed it lot then after few days saw sex stories and started reading those. They are so nice and sometime I even feel I was the girl in the story. I became habitual to the stories and used to read all but never was neither in contact with any men nor in love. But things changed when I was 21 I was in Bcom 1st year and I had a friend her name is seema
One day I went to her cousin marriage to other city after marriage I was supposed to come back as she stayed their only and even her father also has to come back as he has some work. Let me tell about him his name is Rajesh a handsome simple guy aged around 55 we both got seat next to each other and we are sitting last and behind us there were 2 more rows which are empty and its night journey and very few members in bus. At night its bit cold and I forget bed sheet, but he had one, he saw me shivering and asked you can also use bit, so we both used same bed sheet since I moved bit closed to him our body touching each other, and as is my first man body touch I got some different feeling.
Then I was feeling bit sleep he asked maya if you want you can sleep on my lap so I said ok and slept on his lap. After some I felt his hand on my arms caressing. Initially I felt uncomfortable and later enjoyed it, then slowly he moved his hand near my ass upto thighs and I felt like some current passed in me. He kept doing this for an hour. Then around 11:30 midnight bus stopped and driver told there is 10 mins rest if somebody wants to pee can do. I got to pee when I saw outside I was full dark so got scared and told uncle that I have to pee can you come with me and stand bit far, he said ok dear
We both got out of bus and I saw few men peeing other side and I went behind a bus where there was little light uncle was with me I said turn around I have to pee and he turned other side. I slowly lifted my skirt up pulled my panties down and started pissing, when I finished and got up and turned back I saw him turning towards me
I was shocked and felt bit ashamed as a man seeing me pissing I scolded you naught what u doing, he said sorry dear, but I too internally felt too happy I don’t why, and I gave naughty smile and said this is a bad habit he again apologized. After some time we got into bus and again it started then I was bit silent,
He said “sorry maya dear I think you are angry on me”
I just saw him and said “when did you turned towards me tell truth”
Uncle said “when u lifted your skirt up then”
Me “then you saw me full things”
Uncle “no dear only ass not the front part”
I was embraced by his words, I again said u naughty and same naughty smile and closed my face with shame
Then he told “to tell one thing maya I want to tell one truth”
Me “I don’t mind please tell”
Uncle said “you have wonderful ass I never saw such thing yet”
Me “thuu uncle you are very very naughty” and both had a naughty laugh.

After sometime again I slept on his lap facing by back towards him and he touching my ass immediately I slept and I was enjoying the touch. Then I turned opposite directing facing towards him. As I was on his lap I was just 1 centimeter near his cock and felt naughty thing in my mind to feel it so I moved bit near to it in sleep and felt that and it was already hard and its touching to my chick

He too understood what I wanted so he kept has hand on my head and pressed me hard towards it and slowly whispered in my ears are you feeling it dear I said yeeeeeeeeeeeeees and he was touching me with other hand. This happened for an hour. Then I got up and sat, as in night journey lights will be off and its full dark even we r at last, uncle stoop up and saw all are sleeping and came near my ears and said all sleeping baby and kissed my lips.

What an awesome first kiss of my life I wanted more and asking I only kissed him it went for longer time. We kissed a lot then and he touched my (tiny) boobs over my top and gentle press giving pleaser, I too touched his cock over pants and enjoyed, we did this almost upto 4 pm until we reach Bangalore. I went to my house and he went to his house.

We didn’t meet for few days as we don’t have each other’s numbers as we forget to take, when my friend came back from function next day she met me in my house. When she went to toilet I suddenly took her mobile and searched there was a number with name daddy and I saved that number in my mobile. Then she left and it was night after dinner around 10 pm I called that number he picked the call

Me “hello is it Rajesh Patil father of Seema”
Uncle “yes who it is”
Me “guess handsome” he guessed correctly
Uncle” hey maya darling how are you”

Then our conversation started, and we used to talk daily around night for an hour, then slowly instated of saying him uncle I started calling him Rajesh, raj dear, raja, he used to call me SB (sex bomb) then
We used talk dirty and one day he asked me my navel pic in whatsup I sent then boobs, he too used to send his naked pictures so we had such phone talk relation.

One day me and my friend was supposed to college on her scotty and she called me to her house, I went and her mom was not there only Rajesh was there, I was about her mom she told mom went to her in laws house and will back in couple of days. But he father was happy to see me and I too, when my friend went to inside to bring me coffee I gave him flying kiss and he too returned the same, when he planned to come near me seema came with coffee and he stopped, we all had coffee and about to go but her scotty got punctured and we have to go by bus. Then I planned to grab this opportunity and purposely left my bag in her house and went to bus stop with her, when our bus arrived she got in and I was about to get in and immediately told her I forget my bag in your house, you carry I will come later or else go to my house back as I got some other urgent work, she said ok and she went in that bus. I suddenly called him and asked him what you doing raj, he replied waiting for you sb, when I asked how you know I come now, and he told you left your bag here and I understood, I will tell the next part soon, if you guys like my story kindly mail me
To tell one thing I didn’t had sex that day but enjoyed the day which I remember my entire life and will post what all we did in my next story


Doston,,meri pichhli kahani”ANDHWISHWAS NE AUNTY KI CHUDAI”ko paathakon ne bahut pasand kiya aur saraha,,bahut  saare email  aunty ,bhabhi,aur ladkiyon ke bhi mile ,main un sab ka aabhaar prakat karta hun aur usi  kahani  se judi hui meri ye agli kahani aaplongon ko bhent kar raha hun
Jaisa ke aaplogon ko yaad hoga ke maine us kahani mein aunty ke bahu ki charcha ki  thi,jiska husband saudiya mein tha aur  wo maike mein thi,,lekin aunty ki abhi dobar hi chudai ki hogi ke wo achanak ek din maike se aagayi,uske aane se aunty apni malish ke liye bechain thi aur main unki jee bhar ke chudai keliye preshan tha
Ek din jab main aunty ke ghar gaya to aunty  ne bahu ko chai lane ko kahkar use kitchen bhej diya aur dhire se phusphusakar kahne lagi ke kamal mujhe is baat ki chinta khae jaa rahi hai ke bina oil malish ke meri preshani  phir se badh na jae kyonki tumne kaha tha ke koi week malish chhutne na paye aur idhar  ye baat bhi dil ko satati hai ke kahin bahu ye sab dekh kar  kuchh ghalat na samajhle,main kya karun kamal mujhe kuchh samajh nahi aata  hai
Main  uski purani soch aur atpati baton ko sun kar khud bhi preshan tha ,,maine kaha aunty bahu ko batakar hi aage ye sab karna wo aisa waisa kuch na sochegi,,akhir duniya mein aur log bhi to jhar phoonk  par wiswas rakhkar hi karwate hain,isliye ghabrane ki koi baat nahi hai bahu ko  saaf saaf bata dena phir mujhe bula lena
Aur  iske teesre hi din aunty ne mujhe bulakar kaha ke aajraat aajana,maine bahu ko saari baat bata di hai ,aur main usraat 10 baje aunty  ke yahan pahunch gaya ,aunty ke bahut zid karne par main khane keliye taiyar hua,aunty ne bahu ko khana lane ka order kiya ,aunty isi bich malish ke labh ka charcha karne lagi aur unki bahu khana lane kitchen ki taraf chali gayi
Thodi der mein unki bahu khane  table par laga di aur hum teenon  khane lage ,aunty isi bich apni bahu se baba mishripaani aur oil malish ka charcha karti rahi,aur bahu hun haan me jawab de rahi thi,main kabhi aunty aur kabhi unki bahu ko dekhta aur unki bakar sun raha tha,isi bich maine notice kiya ke unki bahu  ke chehre par nazakat ke saath ghamand bhi tha kyonki  uske chehre par koi muskurshat ya badlao na ho raha tha
Anty ki bahu ka naam  dolly kad 5feet5’ inch,chharehra khubsurat badan gora rang aur size lagbhag:-  36.32.38 hoga,blue color ki saarii Bengali style mein pehne badi sexy dikh rahi thi,kabhi kabhi tirchhi nazar se meri taraf dekhti,magar main uske chehre ko padh nahi paa raha tha ki uske dil mein kya chal raha hai
Kisi tarah se 11 baje aur aunty ne apna malish karyakaram shuru karne ka ishara kiya aur bahu se kaha ke wo aaram se room ke darwaze band karke so jae aur raat mein na uthe kyonki jhar phunk ka mamla hai, ismein  ek thik  hota hai to dusre langhan me padkar iski chapet mein aajate hain,main samajh gaya ke aunty bahu ko ye kahkar isliye dara rahi hai ki uski bahu  nangi malish dekhkar kuchh ghalat na samajh le
Dolly  ke jaane ke baad main aunty ke sath unke bedroom aagaya,aunty ne mishri paani pite hue kaha ,kamal  meri malish shuru karne se pehle  bahu ke darwaze par jakar check karlena,uske baad mere room ke darwaze ko thik se band karke  hi malish shuru karna maine kaha thik hai aunty aap jaisa kah rahi hain waisa hi hoga,aur 5,7, minute ke baad aunty  ki ankhon me nind jhalakne laga,wo bed par sote hue ek baar phir mujhe  bahu ko check karne ka ishara kiya main uthkar dabe paon dolly ke darwaze tak jaakar halka sa push kiya ,wo andar se lock tha,maine itminan ki saans li aur wapas aagaya
Aunty  ki nind gahri ho rahi thi aur maine unke kapde utarne shuru kiye,jaldi hi unko pura nanga kiya aur khud bhi nanga ho gaya, oil malish ke bahane unke choot aur gaand ko sahlaya ,unke boob s ko bhi dabaya,mera lund jaldi se chodne ko tankar khada ho gaya aur maine aunty ke choot mein apna pura lund ghuser diya hichkole maar kar andar bahar karne laga aur  aunty bhi oooh aaah karne lagi ,main jaldi hi unke choot mein jhar gaya,uske baad choot se lund nikala , lassedar pani se pura lund gila tha  ise saaf karne ke liye maine idhar udhar nazar ghumaya darwaze pass ek towel dikha main use apna lund ponchh raha tha ki mujhe darwaze par ek aahat sa mahsus hua,aur kanon mein  chudion ke bajne ki khankhanahat sunai di
Main ghabra gaya tha ,sochne laga ye kon  ho sakta hai,kahin dolly….ya phir koi aur pehle se is ghar mein to nahi chhupa tha,,,tarah tarah ke khyal ne mujhe preshan kardiya , maine apne sharir par towel lapeti ,himmat karke darwaze ki taraf badhne laga,,oh  yeh kya;;;main darwaze ko andar se band karna bhool gaya tha..dhire dhire dabe paon room se bahar aakar  idhar udhar dekha  aage badhkar maine chhat par jaane wali gate ko dekha wo bhi band the,bahar ka  darwaza bhi lock tha
 phir main dolly ke room ki taraf badhne laga,darwaze ko halka sa push kiya to wo  khulne laga thoda  sa hi khula tha ki mere saamne dolly ka bed tha aur wo jo kar rahi thi use dekhkar mein bhonchaka rah gaya,wo saamne bed par chit leti hui thi aur apna ek haath blouse ke andar aur ek haath apni saari uthakar choot mein  dal rahi thi ankhen band karke aur danton ko bhinch kar apni chuchi ko masal rahi thi aur choot  mein danadan unglion ko andar bahar karne mein magan thi,use pata bhi natha ki main dekh raha hun
Usko aise halat me dekhkar mera lund  ek baar phir tan kar khada ho gaya,anayas mera  left haath mere lund tak gaya aur use sahlane laga  aur right hath se darwaze ko dhire dhire push karne laga,darwaza khulta chala  gaya aur achanak dolly ne aankh kholi to mujhe darwaze ke saamne lund sahlate dekh ghabra kar baith gai aur jhunjhlakar boli yahan kya karne aaye ho,,jao na apni aunty ko chodo na ,tumhen to baasi maal khane ki aadat hai,,uski aankhon mein gusse ke saath wasna ki pyas saaf dikh rahi thi ,main uski taraf badhta  jar aha tha aur wo  ankhen phad kar meri taraf dekh rahi thi
Ab main uske bed tak pahunch chukka tha ,maine apna ek paon uthakar uske bed par  rakha aur towel ko khinchkar dusri taraf uda  diya,ab main uske saamne bilkul nanga tha aur apne lund par hath pher raha thaw o mere tane hue lund ko ghurne lagi uski aankhon me ek ajab tarah ki chamak aarahi thi,phir wo ghisakar rengte hue meri taraf badhi aur nazar uthakar meri taraf dekha ,usne meri janghon par haath pherte hue mere lund tak pahunch gai, mere hath ko mere lund se hataya aur wo pakad kar sahlane lagi, mere pure sharir mein jaise bijli daud gai ,phir usne aage badhkar mere lund ke nukile sopade  per apni zuban pherne lagi, uske  baad use apne honthon se dabane lagi,
Main siharne laga, iss iss karne laga   wo mera pura 7 inch ka lund apne munh me lekar choosne lagi main bhi lund ko dhakke dedekar uske kanth tak  phahuncha deta,wo thoda pichhe hokar lund ugal deti aur lapakar gataak se andar le leti ye silsila 10 minute tak chalta raha main ek haath se uske ghane kale baalon ko pakda aur uske kandhe par haath phera wo bhi siharne lagi ,main thoda jhuka aur uske blouse haath dalkar uske chhote se nipple ko dabane laga,wo kasmasane lagi aur agle hi pal usne apne blouse aur bra utar diye ,maine jhuk kar  dono hathon ko uske gaal par rakha aur uske honton ko apne munh me lekar chusne laga ,uske mulayam honton ko chusne mein bada maza aaraha tha,wo bhi mere honton se chipki rahi
Phir main seedha khada hokar use bhi khada kar diya,uske saari khinchne laga wo bhi apne saya ka nada khinchne lagi aur puri nangi  ho gayi,main uske badan par haath se sahlane laga wo sihar rahi thi kabhi main uske chhote chhote boobs ko sahlata kabhi uske nipple ko munh me lekar chusta  wo khadi rahi aur main uske kamar pakda aur baith gaya.
Ab uske choot mere aankhon ke saamne the, main ek tak uske choot ki banawat ko ghurta raha mera ji uske choot ko chatne keliye machalne laga uski choot gili thi uske choot se paani tapak rahe the jab maine uske chut ko apne haath se sahlaya ,uske chut paani se bhare the, maine kaha ke apni choot ko achhi tarah saaf karlo main jibhar ke ise chatunga ,usne mere phenke hue towel se apne chut ko saaf karne lagi,main aage badhkar uske bed par baith gaya,wo aayi aur mere saamne apna chut karke chuswane ke liye khadi ho gai,usne apna ek paon  bed par rakha aur mere baal pakadkar mere munh me apna choot sata diya
Maine uske choot ko chatna shuru kardiya ajib si madak gandh thi uske chut mein ,main be jhijhak uske  choot ko chatne laga wo ooof hoo aah aaaaha karne lagi,maine apni zuban nikalkar uske choot ke phank mein daalkar  charon taraf ghumane laga,wo mere munh par apni chut thokne lagi .phir main ne uske pure choot ko apne honton se daboch kar chusne laga uske choot se lagataar paani aa rahe they phir maine apni do unglion ko uske choot ke andar dalkar  ghumane laga,wo meri unglion ko apne haathon se pakadkar choot ke andar zorzor se dhkelne lagi,uske choot thartharahat ke saath kanp rahe the
10 minute ke baad maine uske dusre paon ko pakad kar bed ki taraf khincha aur use apne lund ke upar karliya usne apne dono hathon se mere  neck pakad li aur mere lund ko apni chut mein lete hue meri janghon par baith gai mera pura lund uske choot ke andar ghus gaya phir wo mujhe zor se pakadkar apni gaand uchkane lagi bhach bhach ki awaz se uski choot chudne lagi usne speed badhate hue ooongh oonhm aur aaah aaaah ki awaz nikalne lagi,baithe baithe use chodne mein mujhe bada maza aaraha tha,kabhi kabhi main bhi apna lund uski choot mein hachakka laga deta
Phir main pichhe ki taraf bed par let gaya ,ab wo mere upar thi maine uske boobs se khelna shuru kardiya aur wo mere lund se khele jaa rahi thi 5 minute tak usne chutad uchhal uchhalkar mere lund par patakti rahi mera lund pura gila ho chukka tha phir maine uske choot mein lund dale hue karwat lekar uske upar aa gaya aur uske choot par apne musle jaise lund se  chot marne laga usne apni bahon me mujhe jakad kar kahne lagi zor se chodo na kamal ,ohh bahut achha lag raha hai mere chut par chot maro na mujhe chodona kamal meri chut ko  phad do,maine uske paon phailakar zor zor se dhakke marne shuru kiya wo apni pakad mazboot kar liye aur apni choot ko uthakar mera  lund andar tak lene lagi maine uske boobs ko masalte hue apni chot ki raftaar badha di wo tadap rahi thi aur main use bedardi se chod raha tha,
Phir maine  apne dono paon ko ekdam sidha karke jod liya apne dono haath se bed ka sahara liya aur uske choot mein  pura lund ghusakar  huchkane laga ,chap chap ki awaz room mein gunjne lagi maine jhatke  tez kar diye aue main jharne laga ,wo aur zor se mujhse chipak gai ,thodi der main uske upar chipka raha ,phir mere lund murjhakar uske choot se bahar nikal gaya ,main baithkar uski choot niharne laga ,uske choot se paani aur mera virya bahar ho raha tha ,phir main uske baghal mein let gaya ,aur wo uthkar bathroom se aayi aur mere sath let gayi ,wo mere chhati ke baalon mein  apni ungliyan ghumate hue ,mujhe taak rahi thi uske chehre par ajib si muskurahat thi,
Us raat maine use pure teen baar choda wo chudai ke baad bilkul shant ho gayee thi aur chehre par muskurahat phailti jaa rahi thi,main thodi der baad  uthkar aunty ki khabar lene chala gaya;
Doston ,iske baad maine aunty aur uski bahu ko eksaath ek bed par kaise choda ,aur saas bahu mein chudai competition  kaise karayi ye agli baar bataunga,aaplongon ko yeh kahani kaisi lagi zaroor bataen
Mera  email id note Karen

Andhwiswas ne Aunty ki choot chudai

Dosto,Wo lund hi kya jisme nukila sopada na ho,wo choot hi kiya jisme clit aur side cover (jhilli) naho,wo chudai hi kya jisme(squirting) pani ki dhaar na nikle,aur wo chot(dhakke) hi kiya ke har dhakampel par choot  ke andar se pur aur chur ki awaz na nikle
Meri  yeh kahani isi kahawat par adharit hai
mere pados mein ek widhwa aunty rahti thi,uska beta saudiya mein aur bahu zayadatar maike mein rahti thi,padosi hone ke naate aunty ko jab bhi koi kaam padta mujhe bula leti ,aunty bahut kam aur sirf apne kaam ki baat karti,ek din sham ke samay usne mujhe  apne ghar bulakar kaha ke kamal mera ek zaruri kaam karega? Maine kaha kyon nahi aunty,aap kahkar to dekhie: usne kaha kamal kamzori mujhe badi satati hai din bhar ghar mein akeli sust padi rahti hun ,nigodi bahu bhi maike mein hi dil lagati hai ghar ka sara kaam karne mein thak jaati hun  vitamin ke capsules se thoda aaram milta hai,usne capsule ki parchi thamai ,aur kaha kamal  ye market se le aana , maine kaha aunty  la dunga aur parchi  jeb mein rakh kar wahan se chal diya.
Main jab apne kaam se market gaya to aunty ke capsules khridte samay ye soch raha tha ke ye bhi ajab aurat hai achhi khasi moti tagdi hai lekin shak ki bimari mein  doctor se zid karwake vitamins ki capsules leti rahti hai,maine socha ke aaj main aunty se isi subject par baat karunga,
Thodi der baad main wapas akar aunty ke darwaze par awaz dia magar andar se koi jawab na pakar maine darwaze ko push kiya darwaza khula tha main andar chala gaya,maine idhar udhar dekha magar aunty dikhai na padi ,main  use dhundte hue aage badhta raha aur achanak bathroom ke pass pahuncha  to meri aankhen phati ki phati rah gai,
Bathroom ka darwaza khula tha aur aunty puri nangi hokar naha rahi thi, apne pure sharir me sabun ke jhag lagakar ragad rahi thi uske chehre par bhi jhag bhara tha jisse wo mujhe dekh na payi .aunty ki nangi aur tarbooz jaise gaand aur bade bade latke hue boobs   hil rahe the ye dekhkar  mere andar wasna ki lahar daudne lagi aur mera lund tankar sidha hone laga ,magar agle hi pal main ye sochkar dar gaya ki aunty ek sharif aurat hai,agar wo  bura maankar halla kardi to main kahin ka na rahunga
Ye sochte hi main dabe paon wapas aaya aur darwaze tak akar zor se aunty ko  awaz lagai ,reply mein aunty ne jawab diya wahin rukna main aati hun,aur thodi der me aunty aayee,usne jo kapde naha kar pahne the wo gili thi ,kyonki usne jaldbazi ki thi ,sahi se badan aur sar ke bal ko sukhae bina kapde pahan liya tha
Wo aate hi mujhe sofe par baithne ko kahkar kitchen ki taraf chali gayee.magar mere dimagh me abhi tak uska nanga sharir ghum raha tha,thodi der me wo chai le aayee aur kahne lagi ,ke mujhe samajh nahi aata ke mujhe kaun sa rog hai,aur meri tarf dekhte hue boli ke kabhi kabhi to aisa lagta hai kamal, ke mujhpar kisi ne jadu tona kiya hai,kyonki dawa khakar thak chuki hun,agar tum kisi jhar phunk walebaba ko janta hai  to mujhe batana ,ab to wahi baki rah gaya hai wo bhi karke dekh lungi.
Main chai ki chuski lete hue uski atpati baaten sunta  raha aur uske haan mein haan milata raha ,chai khatam karke aane laga to usne ekbar phir zor dekar kisi baba ka pata lagane ko kaha ,maine kaha thik hai aunty chalta hun aur baba ka pata chalet hi aapko khabar karunga
Raat ko sote samay bhi uska nanga badan meri aankhon mein ghum raha tha,aur wasna ke liye bhadka raha tha,aunty  ka gora badan aur charbidar kamar ke bare mein sochkar mera lund sakht hone laga ,aur aunty ke bare mein gande gande khayal aane lage,aur phir sochte sochte mere dimagh ne achanak aunty ko chodne ka tarika dhund liya
Dusre din main aunty ke ghar pahunchkar apne shaitaani dimagh se nikle hue chudai plan ki shuruaat kar di,jab aunty  chai ka cup meri taraf badhai to maine uski aankhon mein aankhen daalkar kaha ki aaj mere dost ne mujhe ek aise baba ka pata diya hai jisse apki samasya ka hal aaram se ho sakta hai,aunty ne chahak kar kaha, wah tune to achhi aur dil ko khush kardene wali khabar sunai,jaldi bata baba kahan milenge,maine kaha : milne ki zarurat nahi aise hi aapka kaam ho jaega,
aunty ne utsukta se kaha wo kaise,,maine bataya ke wo baba  50gram mishri (sugar) aur  100 gram mustard oil par  phoonk marker dete hain ,pehle mishri ko ek cup paani mein gholkar peena padta hai ,agar peene  ke 10 minute baad pura sharir thakan mahsus karne lage to samjho jadu tona ya kiya kartoot hai,uske baad  phoonk mara hua oil pure sharir mein aise malish kare ki  ek baal ke brabar bhi kahin na chhute  to jadu ka asar khatam hone lagta hai,, yeh sun kar aunty ka chehra khushi se chamakne laga aur boli tu jaldi se mere liye jo samaan lagega baba se mangwa de ,main ab aur der na karungi, kyonki mujhe wishwash hai ke mujhpar kisi ne jadu hi kiya hai,aur usne purse se 500 ke note meri tarf badhate hue jaldi laane ko kaha.
Main aunty ki murkhata par man hi man khush ho raha tha,aur  mera suniyojit plan safal hota dikh raha tha,agle hi din main bazaar se mishri aur oil kharidkar aunty ke ghar dhamak pada,aunty mujhe dekhkar bahut khush ho rahi thi,aur byakulta se mere haathon mein latke hue carry bag ki taraf dekh rahi thi,maine samaan aunty ko thamate hue badi udasinta se kaha ki aunty ji baba ne kaha hai ki ye karyakaram raat 11 baje ke baad  karneka hai aur mishri paani ke baad oil malish kisi dusre se tab tak karwae jab tak gehri neend na aa jae,aisa karne se hi laabh hoga..
Yeh sunkar aunty ke chehre par udasi aur chinta jhalakne lagi,aur wo niras hokar kahne lagi ke mere ghar to tumhare siwa pados ka koi nahi aata hai kamal,magar  wo..oo,yeh ki mujhe kisi par jaldi wiswas hi nahi hota aur wo bechaini se meri taraf dekhne lagi.main aunty ka ishara samajh raha tha ,wo saaf saaf kahne mein jhijhak rahi thi ,wo kabhi mujhe, aur kabhi bechaini se idhar udhar taakne lagi,to maine kaha agar aap chahen to main aapka kaam kar sakta hun :wo khush hokar kahne lagi main tum se yahi kahne wali thi magar socha kahin tum inkar na kar doge,
Aunty ne aaj raat ko hi aane ko kahdiya tha aur mujhe takeed bhi kardi thi ke ye baat kisi ko na batae ,main apni safalta par khush tha aur raat ka besabri se intezar kar raha tha ,raat ke 9 baje maine apne ghar walon se raat ko na aane ka kahkar nikal pada .aunty ke darwaze par halke se dastak di jhat se darwaza khul gaya ,,shayad aunty bechaini se mere aane ke intezar mein thi,mujhe andar lekar wo lambi lambi saansen khichne lagi maine puchha kya hua aunty,usne kaha tum nahin jaante ho kamal duniya badi kharab hai jhat se ilzam thop dega,isse main bahut darti hun,
Phir usne mujhe khane   ke liye puchha maine mana  kar diya aur unke bed room pahunchkar unse mishri aur oil lane ko kaha wo jaldi se mujhe lakar di aur kaha jaise baba ne kaha hai waise hi karna koi bhool na karna warna koi laabh na hoga ,maine kaha aap chinta na Karen main bilkul waisa hi karunga
Maine ek glass mein paani mangwakar usmein mishri daal diya aur aunty ki nazar bachate hue usmein nind ki do goli bhi daal di aur use ek taraf rakhkar aunty ko baton me uljhae rakha wo baar baar wall clock ki taraf 11 bajne ka intezar kar rahi thi, phir wo samay bhi aagaya maine glass ko achhi tarah se dekha jismein mishri aur tablet achhi tarah se ghul chuke the ,maine aunty ki taraf glass badhakar kaha ki pura pi jao wo gatagat pine lagi
5 minute ke baad nind ki goli ne apna asar dikhana shuru kiya aur aunty ye samjh rahi thi ki wo such mein jadu tone ki shikar hai,wo  kahne lagi ,dekha kamal  : mere haath  paon khinch rahe hain jadu ki asar se ,ab achha se tel ki malish shuru kar do….:maine mauke ka laabh uthate hue kaha aunty ji baba ne yeh bhi kaha tha ke oil malish ke samay sharir par koi kapda na hona chahiye,, ye sun kar aunty thda ghabrai magar nind ke asar ko kuchh aur samajh kar usne aankhen band karke kaha kamal baba ne jaisa kaha hai tum waisa hi karo  ,,,
Meri aankhon ki chamak tez ho gai aur maine aunty ke kapde utarne shuru kiye,,aur jald hi use pura nanga kar diya ,wo chit leti thi, uska phula hua bina jhanton wala chut mere aankhon ke saamne tha,maine apne haath mein thoda oil lekar aunty ke paon se lekar jangh tak hath pherne laga  ,, aunty ekdum gahri nind me  ja chuki thi ,phir maine ungliyon se uske chut ko chhua,kya   gudedar chut tha ,, chut ke done taraf mote mote cover the maine usko sahlana shuru kiya,mere lund mein tantanahat hone lagi lekin jaldi karna thik na tha isliye maine muth marni shuru kardi aur jharne keliye apna lund chut ke upar lakar pura maal gira diya
Phir  maine lund ke cream se aunty ki chut ki malish ki  ,aunty ke chut  ke dono cover ko alag kiya  ,andar pura ghulabi tha maine usmein dhire se ungli daal diya wo thoda kasmasayi phir lambi saans chhorkar shant ho gai ,maine ungli ko aur andar dala ,uska chut abhi tak gila na hua tha ,phir maine apni do ungli daalkar uske chut ke andar bahar karne laga,ab wo halka sa siskari li aur ooong ooong karke apna  dono  paon ghutnon se mod liya maine bhi uske ghutne pakadkar dono taraf phaila diya
Ab uske chut ka position bilkul clear tha ,phir  maine  teen ungli daalkar andar bahar karna shuru kiya ,wo  aah aah nind ki halat me hi karne lagi ,aur  ab thoda thoda chut se paani risne laga tha ,meri ungli aur uski choot gili hone lagi thi 15 minute tak maine uski chut mein andar tak ungli daal kar andar bahar karta raha.tabtak mera lund puri tarh chut chodne ko taiyar tha maine auntyke dono paon ko uthakar apne kandhe par rakh liya aur apne lund ke sopade mein thook lagakar aunty ke chut ke upper  ragadne laga ,chut ne paani chhoda to uski chiknahat se sopada chut ke thoda andar ghusa aunty thoda kasmasayi ,magar mere upar chudai ka junoon sawar ho chuka tha
Maine thoda zor dekar apne lund ko chut ke andar dhakel diya ,bhas bhasa karke pura lund chut ke andar ja chukka tha ,,aur phir main  dhire dhire lund ko andar bahar karnelaga aunty aah  aah karne lagi uski aadhi aankh khul chuki thi ,shayad wo nind se bahar aa rahi thi, maine chudai ki raftar tez kardi , apne dono hathon se uski chuchiyon ko dabane laga ,phir wo aah aah karte hue karahte hue dhere se boli ye tum ne kiya kiya kamal ,maine uske boobs ko masalte hue kaha ke apko nanga dekhkar mera lund bardasht na kar saka aunty,ohh.. kya phule hue gadde dar chut hain aunty ji,,,mujhe aapko  chodne mein bada maza aa raha hai..aur maine dhakke tez kiye
Aunty ne khandhe se paon hatane ko kaha maine uske paon neeche karke phaila diye aur aunty ke upar chadkar use phirse chodne laga ,wo aah  aah oong oong kar rahithi,ab wo puri tarah jag rahi thi maine use ghodi banakar chodna shuru kiya to uske chut se har zorke chot par  chur chur pur pur ki awaz nikane lage wo karahne lagi boli jaldi karo kamal  mere kamar mein dard ho raha hai  mujhe uske gadrae hue mote chut ko chodne me bada maza aaraha tha aur zor zor se se use chod raha tha phir wo chit hui aur maine uske boobs ko chusne laga aur ek haath se apna lund pakadkar uske bhosda me ghusakar chodne laga wo phir aah aah karke boli tumne meru chut phar dali kamal jaldi karo ab bas karo ,,,,
main bhi thakann mahsoos kar raha  tha  isliye zor se apna lund uske choot par patakna shuru kardiya chat chat chat  ki awaz aaye aur main andar hi jharne laga,, aur waise hi aunty ne kasker apni bahon me ahahahaha  ooongh   ooonhm   karke zorse  jakad liya shayad wo bhi jhad rahi thi,,,,,
agle hi pal wo nidhal hokar ek tak chhat ki taraf  puri khmoshi se ghure jaa rahi thi aur main uske baghal mein let kar uske nange aur chude hue chut aur  sar se paon tak nihar raha tha aur man hi man khushi se muskura raha tha
 doston aap apni rai zarur  likhen,,,,,,,,,,,

Madam Sunidhi ki Mast Chudai Part 2

Madam Sunidhi ki Mast Chudai Part 1
Madam Sunidhi ki Mast Chudai Part 2

Main  ne abtak sirf uski choot mein ungli ki  thi use apne lund se chodne ki lalsa ne mujhe ekbar jhadne ke baad bhi utni hi thi,jab usne mujhe bathroom aane ka ishara kiya to main gad gad ho gaya ,,socha ki chalo aaj bathroom ki nangi nahan ka maza bhi lelun,so main utha aur bathroom ki taraf chal diya
Bathroom ke darwaze ko push karte hi maine dekha ki  samne shower ke neeche madam  nangi khadi hokar apne sar par paani ke phawware le rahi thi mujhse nazar milakar muskurai aur mujhe apne sare kapde utarne ka ishara kiya ,main apne kapde utarkar uske saamne pura nanga ho gaya,uske honton pe vijay prapti ke anokhe aur sexy muskurahat se mera dil dhakdhak kar raha tha ,maine aage badhkar use apni bahon mein bhar liya ,wo bhi pahle se chipakne ko taiyar thi,mujh se lipat gai,aur mere khandhe aur gardan pe zuban pherne lagi mere badan me ek sihran si ho rahi thi aur maine use kas kar bhinch liya uske boobs mere sharir se takrakar phisalne lage
Usne khinchkar mujhe shower ki niche kar liya aur ab humdono saath paani mein bhigne lage main uski pith ko aur chutar ko sahlane laga phir thoda jhuka aur uske boobs ko chatne laga uske nipple ko apne danton se halke se kata to wo siskari lene lagi aur phir usne kaha bahut maza aaraha hai kamal ,main kab se tumse chudwani ki tamanna liye thi ,tumhara perfume lagakar office me aana mujhe deewanee bana diya tha ,magar mujh mein himmat na thi ke main tumse kaise samjhaun ke meri choot tumhare lund ki pyasi hai
Maine kaha oh mam ekbar to ishara kiya hota,main jhat se raazi ho jata ,to usne kaha tum buddhu ho kamal maine kayi baar angdai lekar apne boobs dikhakar tumhen ishare kiye,magar tum ne samajhne mein itni der laga di,jab tumne jharphunk ki baat nikali to maine janbujhkar tumhen apne dukh dard sunai ,aur tumhari ankhon ki chamak ne aur tumhare formule ne mujhe ishara kar diya tha ki tumbhi mujhe chodna chahte ho,warna main bilkul andhwiswasi nahi hun kamal,main ye sunkar dang rah gaya aur bola to mam aapne  ye sab,,,,,,,usne kaha yes my dear,,ek officer ko patti padhana itna aasan nahi hai
Aur wo  ek bar phir mujh se chipak kar mere badan par haath pherne lagi ,phir usne aage badhkar soap case se dove sabun liya aur apne chhati aur pet par ragadne lagi phir usne apne choot mein bhi soap ragde aur jhag se uska choot chhip gaya tha usne sabun mere haath me diya aur apne pith mein lagane ko kaha maine aisa hi kiya uske pithpar lagaya uske hip aur gand ke darar mein sabun lagai phir usne wahi sab mere upar duhraya
Hum dono sabun ke jhag se apne sharir ko bhar liya usne shower start kiya aur hum dono jharne ke niche aagaye dhire dhire pani ke phawware se jhag ka parda hatne laga ek ajib si manmohak khushbu bathroom mein phailne lagi thi phir usne pani ke dhar ko apni gand boobs aur akhir mein choot par liya ,ab uska dhula hua khushbudar fresh choot mere saamne tha ,maine uspar haath pherne laga aur ghutne ke bal baith kar ek baar use ghura aur phir zuban nikalkar chatna shuru kiya, mam ne aaah ki awaz nikali aur mere sar ko apni choot ki taraf dabane lagi,main ne use paon philane keliye kaha to usne apni ek taang  uthakar mere kandhe pe dal di
Ab uski choot ka position bilkul clear tha ,uske phule hue ghulab jamun jaise choot ko maine apne munh mei n bhar liya,phir zuban se uske side cover ko chatne laga,wo kah rahi rhi kamal bahut maza aaraha ,achha se chato ,,aajtak kisi ne mere choot nahi chate ,,main pehli bar iska anand le rahi hun,maine zuban lambi ki aur use choot ke andar le jakar hilane laga ,wo karahne lagi aur mere munh par apne choot ko zorzor se ragadne lagi aur aaah oonnnh ooonhh karne lagi.
Thodi der bad usne mujhe wahin bathroom mein letne ko kaha ,main let gaya aur wo mere upar 69 ki position me aagayi,usne mere lund ko shahlai  aur phir use apne munh mein lekar chatne lagi aur apni badi si  gand ko mere munh par rakhkar hilane lagi ,,main deewanon ki tarah uski gand aur kabhi choot ko chatne laga,wo mere lund ko zor zor se chus rahi thi aur apni gand bhi hila rahi thi
Mera lund uske chusne se sanakne laga aur ab wo pura tan chukka tha,wo phir bhi ise ice cream ki tarah chat rahi thi aur main uske choot ko faluda samajhkar kha raha tha,phir wo achanak palti aur chehra meri taraf kar liya usne ek hath se mera lund pakda aur use apne choot ke  cover par do teen bar sahlayi aur phir use andar  ghusate hue mere lund par baith gai ,mera pura lund uski chut mein ghus chuka tha aur wo aram se ispar baith kar lambi sans lekar meri taraf dekhne lagi ,,phir muskura kar jhuki aur apne boobs mere honton par rakh di,,
Main uski boobs ko chusne laga ,uske  nipple par jab maine apni zuban pheri to wo gaand uthakar mere lund par patakna shuru kar diya maine uske nipple ko zor zor se chusna shuru kiya ,,to wo bhi tezi se apni gand uchhalne lagi aue mere lund ko apne choot ke andar bahar karne mein magan ho gai ,,uske choot ke paani se mera lund nahane laga kyonki ab wo pura chikna aur gila ho raha tha ,aur satasat choot ke andar bahar  ho raha tha,
10 minute ke baad wo  mere upper se utarkar chit ho gayi aur  ab main uske uper chadhne ko taiyar hone laga,maine uski tangen   phailayi aur uske jahnghon se pakadkar utha diya,ab uski choot bilkul mere lund ke nishane par aa chuki thi,phir maine apne lund se uske choot ek bar phir sahlaya aur pichhe diwar se apne  apne dono paon tika  kar lund ko choot mein ghused diya ,ab main  choot mein dhakke marne ke liye deewar ka balance le liya aur dhire dhire andar bahar karne laga
Wo  aah aah ooonh  ooonhh karte hue bol rahi thi zor se aur zor se chodo phir kiya tha maine to pehle se deewar se paon tikae the maine dhakke tez kar diye mera thokai ka raftaar speed pakadne laga aur maine uske choot par apna lund patakne laga ,chat chat chat ki awaz tez hone lagi,aur wo aaah aaah ki awaz se tadapne lagi ,,wo bhi apni chutar uchkane lagi aur maine uske phule hue malpua jaise choot par tabadtod lund ki bauchhar karne laga ,,usne apne dono jhanghon ko zor dekar aapas me jod liya aur mere lund ko dabakar use apne choot ke andar kaid karne ki koshish karne lagi,,magar chiknahat se phisalkar wo bahar nikal gaya
Phir maine usko ghodi ki tarah banakar pichhe se uske choot par attack karna shuru kiya ,usne pith ko gahra kar pura gand aur choot mere lund ke centre mein kar diya ,,jis se mujhe uske choot mein lund ghusane mein aasani ho rahi thi aur main pura lund bahar nikalkar bhachak  se andar kar deta aur wo uuunhhmmm aaaah karke karahne lagti ,,kai bar maine uske gand mein lund ghusane ki koshish ki magar wo ise apni gand hila kar mana kardeti ,,aur kahti ye phir kabhi aaj sirf mere choot ki piyas bujhao
Main  uske choot ki jamkar chudai kar raha tha lekin mera lund hai ke jhadne ka naam na le raha tha  ,,aur  uski choot mere lund ka pani pine ko bekarar ho rahi thi,,,maine uske gand par dhakke tez karte hue uski choot  mein pani dalne ko apne lund  ko razi karne laga,,,aur chabh chabh ki awaz se uske choot se nikalne lage main apna pura lund uske chut ke andar tak le jakar ise choot se ek dum bahar kar leta aur phir tezi se wapas use choot ke andar ghused deta ,,phir maine uski kamar pakad kar chudai ki speed badha di ,,aisa tezi se  karne ke karan mera lund pani chhodne ko taiyar hone laga main speed badhata gaya,aur wo  gand uchkate hue aaaah aaah pani giraona ,,zor se chodona ,,aaah aaah ,,aur main jhadne laga waise hi usne apni gand ghumali aur palat kar samne aagayi ,,zorse mere lund ko muth marker sara pani apne chehre par gira li aur main shant hone laga
Humdono ne ek bar phir dove soap se nahaya aur maine issi bich mam se puchh liya ke mam aapne do bar mere lund ka  paani giraya,, pehli baar ise apne boobs par gira liya aur abhi  chehre par …kyon,,
To usne muskurakar kaha ke raat abhi baaki hai kamal mujhe jamkar chudwana hai tumse,isliye janboojhkar maine abhi apne choot ko tumhare lund ke pani ke liye pyasa chhoda hai….ye sunkar main hairan bhi tha aur preshan bhi,,,’’

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